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Android/iOS Development

Mobile apps that look good and feel natural require a skilled team. From concept to launch and future improvements, there is a process needed to get that smooth UI.

A mobile app should provide an enhanced experience. Often a mobile app offers features that a mobile website or web app isn't capable of because it can have greater access to the mobile device's hardware (such as GPS, camera and microphone).Mobile apps can be built specifically for one device or adapted to fit several from one design.

Creating an app

Creating a mobile app involves strategy, branding, design, user experience, user interface design and development, and testing. After launch, maintenance and support should aso be considered. We will make sure your app gets through the Apple store and Google Play acceptance process.

Our development approach

The Alpinism team’s skillset covers all aspects of mobile app design and development. This includes strategy and planning, design and ux, development, testing and maintenance and support. We can also analyse and improve existing apps. While we are a full-service dev shop, each part of the process can be offered on its own, depending on your strategy.

Android or iOS


Android app development gives you a polished, intuitive app made especially for Android phones.

Development, design and strategy
We provide more than just coders. Our team has a lot of experience and can guide you in understanding what you need, to make sure your investment is spect wiseful. We have worked on full-service app development (the entire creative and coding process) as well as pure Android development.


iOS apps are built specifically for Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones. They work seamlessly on those devices, using specific iOS functions to get the best user experience.

Why choose iOS app development over ANDROID?

This will depend on your audience (and to some extent your budget). Ideally an app is built for each device, so that's two separate apps for iOS and Android phones. But this isn't always feasible and there are options to create a universal app, however, if you know your intended customer base or audience uses iPhones, creating an app specifically for that will ensure the best experience.iPhone apps generate more revenue that Android.