Digital Marketing

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The success of any website is down to how many potential customers can find the site locally, nationally and across the world. and use it to either make a purchase or enquire about your services.

SEO is the process where the website's content and structure is optimised in order to increase its ranking for key phrases within search engines such as Google. It is a constantly evolving digital marketing technique and Eyeweb stays up to date with the latest news and algorithms, using white-hat methods and a strong understanding of the way Google works.

Promoting the website and improving the organic rankings for specific keywords that matter to your client and your customers is always the goal of our Hull based SEO team.


WEyeweb can increase the online visibility and awareness of your business and services through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In.

Our social media marketing campaigns are designed specifically to support you and your businesses goals. We design and build your branded social media accounts, increasing the number of quality online followers, and create engaging and shareable social content.

In addition to managing the day to day, we can help you to reap the benefits of promoted social media posts, targeting and engaging with potential customers based on their age, interests, gender and location.


Your website is a powerful marketing tool in itself whilst introducing users to your site is essential if it is to succeed. With a tailored PPC campaign, you can be guaranteed that your website is being seen by your target audience and increasing site visits from potential customers.

The key to a successful pay per click campaign lies in the detail, and with Eyeweb, no stone goes unturned. In-depth keyword research identifies the words and phrases that get your adverts found and encourages your target audience to choose your advert over the competition.

Ongoing management and maintenance ensures that your budget is always being spent wisely, aiming to bring you the best possible return on your investment.